I am so glad to have opportunity to work in Princess Margaret Hospital. I am working in a male oncology ward. It is my first time to work in a male ward as a Registed Nurse. It is a great experience to me. This ward gives me lots of opportunity to learn and improve. I think I now practise, my nursing more and to be efficient. I am so happy that can have chance to try some new things that I have never done before, like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, end of life care and so on.

I really want to thank to my colleagues. They are so nice and always teach me with patience. They always share their own experience with us and help us develop critical thinking through brainstorming. They always encourage me to do better and prepare well ourselves to serve the patients. I am inspired of their thought. Patients receive better services and go back home earlier.

To conclude, I think basic nursing care is very important to the patients, if we do it well, patients will be happy, less suffering and more comfortable.

Also, I want to say thank you to my classmates, friends, and family. Thank you for their support and encouragement which to give me strength and power to continue my nursing career.

Graduation photo with my family

With my colleagues